Raising a Family at The Estates at Waters Edge

November 28, 2019 | Waters Edge

Ever wondered what it would be like to raise your family at the lake? Have you spent time over the years at a family cabin, or perhaps summer camping, or weekends ice fishing in the colder months? Think back to those days… the peaceful atmosphere you experienced, the fun adventures that were had and the friendships that were created. Now imagine you could wake up to all of that in your backyard everyday, in a place you call home! Lakeside living is like a vacation that doesn’t have to end.

Waters Edge resident and owner Cam Mathewson and his wife Tammy can attest to all the wonderful things about raising a family in Lac Ste Anne County. Their kids grew up at the lake, went to school in the community and took part in local extracurricular activities. So, we went straight to the source and sat Cam down and asked him to reflect on what it was like to raise his family at Waters Edge.

Mathewson family enjoying a summer evening at the lakefront community firepit at Waters Edge.

How long have you and your family lived out at Waters Edge?
We moved out to Lac Ste Anne in September 2004. We have lived out there for a total of 15 years now!

Tell us about your experience raising a family out at the lake?
In the county of Lac Ste Anne, it was incredible. We were longing to branch out and discover the greater community, and we didn’t know anyone when we moved here. The kids went to school in Onoway and Rich Valley. They went to a rural school where they had the opportunity to meet farm kids and see another side of life. It’s different than a small town- A whole farm community comes to the schools of Rich Valley and Onoway. The arena and the Rich Valley Ag Society are such a draw and hub for people in the community. I grew up in a small town but didn’t have a ton of interaction with farming families, so I really enjoy seeing that type of lifestyle and learning about what it entails. As a family we were invited to brandings – a whole new experience for all of us!

Mathewson kids as little ones playing in the playground at Waters Edge when it was first built.

Can you tell us a bit about the Community at Waters Edge?
We see that our neighbours have some great relationships. There is a diversity in demographics out here, with great options as far as social circles go. You only have to be as involved in the community as you want to be, the scale of Waters Edge allows you to choose who you hang out with. You can come out to go socialize, or you can come out and have quiet and privacy- it’s the best of both worlds. If you are looking for your own space you have it, or if you prefer a more social atmosphere you have that too! There’s a variety of events on holidays (like Halloween and Christmas parties) at the Clubhouse. There’s a whole social committee complete with Facebook page, which creates some great social opportunities. People in the community organize trips with friends to wineries, or take limos into Edmonton to attend cooking classes at Sorrentino’s! There are some great people out here. It’s really special!

What can you tell us about amenities you frequent in the area?
The kids are in softball in the spring – I coached this past year. Sangudo, Mayerthorpe, Darwell, Rich Valley, Alberta Beach and Onoway all play one another. The Mathewson kids grew up playing on the Rich Valley Team. We were very involved in school sports- Onoway has a great athletic program. Not to mention ski-doing and boating is at our fingertips. We too, took advantage of where we live in that way over the years. It has instilled a really great work ethic, as a family we were all involved in Waters Edge. And a pride in ownership, respect and a longing by our whole family for it to be successful. We are as proud of the property as you could be. With the kids growing up here, the greater community is their home. They are really attached to the community as a whole- the perfect example of this is when our girls were really small they cried when their favourite tree was removed to make room for new homes on the lakefront. Over the years we have been really connected to this place and its history.

Mathewson kids tubing on the lake (Summer 2019)

Can you tell us a bit about the greater rural community, what is it like?
Like every other community, there is a core group of people that try to better the community. They are really involved in the community and leisure activities, and pass those values along to their kids. Our experience specifically revolves around sports and sporting events because the community values this and want programs to be available long-term. This brings me to the story of Rich Valley and the Kraft Hockeyville Competition. The ice plant at our arena broke down in 2018, so we entered the competition with the hopes of winning the big prize to buy a new one. We ended up as a Top 4 Finalist, and won the consolation prize. The folks from Sportsnet were very impressed with our community spirit around the event, and although it wasn’t the initial desired outcome, the way in which we banded together to raise the remaining funds required was amazing! Fundraisers and donations came coming in! Between Hockeyville, the county, casinos, dueling pianos etc, they raised like $100k. And the NHL Players Association gave like $10k for equipment. The company that runs the ice at Rogers Place also got involved- they are affiliated with the company that had bought all the boards out of Rexall, so we actually acquired the boards from Rexall for the arena. Although the arena was closed for one season, it’s now back up and running! We, as a community really outdid ourselves I would say!

Mathewson Family ski-dooing (Winter 2019)

What is one of your favourite experiences you can recall being a part of this community?
A highlight for me was the Canada Day Celebration a few years ago where Olivia Rose came and sang at the party we hosted at the clubhouse. Tammy and I had won a performance by her at a high school band fundraiser silent auction. We booked her for Canada Day and it was amazing! It was truly a highlight memory. Everyone wants to come to Waters Edge on Canada Day because of the fireworks, and that year specifically it was next level. A really great time was had by all.

Olivia Rose performing at Waters Edge Canada Day Celebration.

What is the best part of living at the lake over the years?
As a family, we have spent a lot of time together over the years. I’m lucky to work there and was afforded the ability to go home for lunch every day. It was great to work and live on site because I was able to be right at home at the end of the work day, so it was positive for me to be in close proximity. My kids learned a great work ethic and have contributed to this lakeside neighbourhood with summer jobs. Not only was working at the lake a great opportunity, but so was enjoying the leisure side of things. Living in a place with such beautiful surroundings draws you outside. You want to go sit on the deck and have a drink with your family close by. Or take your kids out to go play catch on the lawn. Even better, we now have a pool right in our backyard. It’s a wonderful draw for our kids to host friends, or just keep themselves entertained in the summer months. We feel really lucky to live in this place!

And there you have it. From the perspective of someone who has spent the last 15 years at Waters Edge and raised his family there, living at the lake is not only an amazing lifestyle, but a great community. And the best part is that, no matter what lifestyle you’re looking for, there’s a waterfront property that’s perfect for you. When you live in a lake community, there’s tons of opportunity for family fun, community and connection to the great outdoors. Choosing to live at the lake couldn’t be simpler.

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