Top Five Interior Decor Trends of 2018!

January 10, 2018 | Waters Edge

1.Bold Palettes

Although light neutral paint colors are easy to pair, bold and “moodier” color tones add richness and warmth to the room. You can create a high contrast palette by pairing light with dark. This results in an elegant combination.

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2.Patterns and Wallpaper

Patterns or florals are a great way to liven up a space. They can even come as simple as a throw pillow. Or think bigger and use wallpaper! Wallpaper is an up-and-coming trend that is a great way to add pattern and movement to a room.

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3.Black Fixtures

While bronze or brass fixtures will remain a go-to and are popular in traditional-style homes, black fixtures are starting to become noticed. From light fixtures to cabinetry, black creates an organic and refined look that instills simplicity.

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4.Curved Furniture

Although the L-shaped sectional is a popular sofa and is great for large families or entertaining, curved sofas are receiving more attention. They are a nice alternative, divide the room beautifully, and can still provide plenty of space. If positioned around a fireplace they compliment the space wonderfully.

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Though it may seem out there, soft tones of lilac or lavender paired with deep accents can create a sophisticated look that you may see more of in 2018. Purple lovers rejoice!

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