Picking the Perfect Lighting Fixture

December 6, 2016 | Waters Edge

Looking to bring a bit of drama into your living room, or add a touch of rustic elegance in your kitchen? Why not create the right mood by choosing the perfect lighting fixture? From the number of pot lights to deciding on the style of fixtures, we work with our clients to provide a lighting allowance for your future Waters Edge home.



We conduct a walkthrough during the framing stage of your home to go over all the lighting details and ensure all the lights are in the appropriate places. Next, you’ll meet with one of our local Edmonton suppliers with a list of all fixtures to be chosen with help from an expert lighting representative. All the lighting details are reviewed during the planing process, so any special requirements can be requested then as well!

Local suppliers that we work with include: Robinson Lighting and Best Lighting.


Images provided by Robinson Lighting and Waters Edge.